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A Bit About Us

Hi I'm Morgan Staton, founder and CEO of First Years Maternal Health, LLC. 

I am a registered occupational therapist who specializes in pelvic health of pre and postnatal women, as well as early intervention services for children from birth to kindergarten. 

I am also a mama to a beautiful little girl named Hattie as of July 2022 so I can relate to the overwhelmingness of both physical and mental recovery surrounding birth and transitioning into motherhood.

I founded First Years Maternal Health because I wanted to support and empower women from pregnancy through the first years of parenting from a whole person perspective. This involves looking at the entire person, whether that be with a focus on the mother, the child, or a combination of the two, as well as their environment and the activities they want and need to do in their everyday life in order to find the disconnect and support in one or all of those areas.

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